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Strategy, Concept, Web Design, Dashboard, Mobile


Veera Health, Mumbai




Veera is the world's largest PCOS specialised clinic with a revolutionary ecosystem that puts Indian women and their wellness at the center.

Women’s access to high-quality, compassionate care should be easy, taboo-free, and seamless. We believe that women’s health is a human rights issue and one that is closely linked to women’s dignity, equality, and advancement in society.

Project Details

Veera Health is on a mission to fix healthcare for women struggling with chronic conditions, starting with a digital platform to help treat Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS). 90% of women spend years hopping between doctors, struggling with stigma, lack of awareness and low quality of care. This is especially acute in the case of PCOS, a chronic condition like affects 100 million women in India alone. Our mission is to equalize the gap in access for women by providing scientific healthcare that puts her experience at the center.

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